Robust Design

The tri-attenuating barge system has been in constant testing since 2004 when the McCabe Wave Pump was deployed the off the West Coast of Ireland in Shannon Estuary. The robust design has survived many storms and even a sinking. The device has the power to propel a 60 meter water jet into the air. Because of the simple design, WECCA believes that its device it up to the challenge of harvesting the abundance of the world’s ocean waves.

Linear Generation

Linear Generation

Some WEC systems employ fluid pumping systems to capture the relative motion between barges but the WECCA device uses a simple proprietary mechanism. This mechanism converts both the up/down motions into usable energy without the use of environmentally hazardous fluids. With simple linear electrical generators, WECCA’s device is able to operate efficiently and effectively for many years without heavy maintenance.

Designed to Survive

The ocean is a harsh environment, especially for devices expected to perform day in and day out. Extreme storms can move rapidly, leaving little time for infrastructure to prepare for the impending storm. While some systems require relocation to a safe harbor, the system being developed by WECCA boasts the ability to protect itself by tapping into proven submersible technology. Both theory and testing confirm that by submerging the WEC device to 20 meters below the surface, wave motion is attenuated to 37% of surface motion. A simple idea which can revolutionize the the longevity of systems deployed in the oceans’s dynamic environment.


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